We are very proud of presenting  the review  RETROBLASTING  made on our custom action figures. 

For us, Michael French´s and RETROBLASTING team´s opinions are very important.

Thank you!

Do You have any doubt about the quality of our action figures?           
     Please check the opinions of  people who ordered our custom Action Figures.

 "Got mine! I feel like a kid, again! Thanks!"

 Ronnie Y. - Facebook

"Too Great!"

Victor C. - Facebook

"I love the accuracy of these! I received my figures last week, and they are 100% vintage accurate. Even the card stock on the packaging is the correct weight and print quality. Really a work of art! When can we expect to see Muftak, Aunt Beru, Grand Moff Tarkin, etc..?"

Trenton D.H. - Facebook

The loose Sandtrooper is amazing, thank you for doing such an amazing job. Can't wait for my carded version, and for more figures. Great job!

Pete Mc. - Facebook.

"What an awesome way to present your product! The wait was worth it! China to Ecuador, and now finally in London. I will post more pics of the loose ones 2mrw, but thank you for having the passion to push this project through. These are special additions to my collection....way more than the modern hasbro products. For true 40 year old kids. Cannot wait for news on next figure!"

James S. - Facebook

"I am happy to say that I received the Sandtroopers yesterday and I love them! The packing is incredible"

Jason L. - Facebook

"The Sandtroopers arrived yesterday and look AMAZING!!!!!! thank you so much for making these. I look forward to seeing what other projects you have in store. Do you mind if I advertise these a little for you on my Twitter account?"

D.A. - Rebelscum

"Just to let you know I got the figures today and love them. Very cool and the gift wrap was a nice touch as well. The interesting thing is for me personally, when I was a kid and had an unpleasant dental appointment my Mom would often buy me a Star Wars figure as a gift because she felt bad. Today I had a really bad dentist appointment and they were waiting for me on my return to cheer me up! Anyway, thanks for your efforts and I will definitely be following any future projects you may do."

Jawa ## - Rebelscum.

"I'm really impressed by the figures!
They definitely don't have a 'custom' feel to them like my slave Leia does.
These figs were made to be played with just like the rest of the line!
They will fit in perfectly with the rest of the vintage figs in my collection!"

Daniel K. - Facebook

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