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Now you can enhance your Vintage Kenner Star Wars collection with the action figures you could only dream about.

Order now the SANDTROOPER 4-PACK and improve your collection.  

This fantastic 4-pack army builder contains the 4 different Sandtroopers included, authentically designed with realistic Star Wars vintage features.

 Professional quality, factory injected and packed in a high quality box.



  • The Empire will not tire until they see the last of the Rebellion. 


    The Fearsome Troopers sent to Tatooine to capture R2-D2 and C-3PO, masterfully sculpted in the  "vintage" style to enhance your Kenner Star Wars collection.


    *  With Movable Arms and Legs


    * Torso sculpted Pauldron.


    * Torso sculpted Survival Backpack.


    * All 4 different sandtroopers included in every 4-pack.


    * New Sculpted Weapons included.


    * 3 3/4 Scale, You can display it with the Original Kenner Action Figures, it matchs perfectly.


    * Limited Edition, Not available at any store, only through The Vintage Studio.


    * This is a customizing project made for Fans by Fans and for a limited time only, Once it is gone, is gone!!! 


    * Available May 25 2016, don’t miss yours.