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THE FORCE IS IN YOUR HANDS. Now you can enhance your Vintage Kenner Star Wars collection with the action figures you could only dream about.

Order now the ROGUE ONE Carded Stormtrooper Commander.


Authentically designed with realistic Star Wars vintage features, 

Professional quality, factory injected and packed in a high quality cardback and bubble.



  • This is a Rebellion, isnt it?... I rebel. 


    The Fearsome Trooper sent to Jedha to maintain control over the population, masterfully sculpted in the  "vintage" style to enhance your Kenner Star Wars collection.


    *  With Movable Arms and Legs


    * Torso sculpted Pauldron.


    * Torso sculpted Survival Backpack.


    * New Sculpted Weapon included.


    * 3 3/4 Scale, You can display it with the Original Kenner Action Figures, it matchs perfectly.


    * This Rogue One version is a cooperation effort with BLIZZARD FORCE CUSTOMS.


    * Limited Edition of 20, Not available at any store, only through The Vintage Studio.


    * Available August 25 2016, don’t miss yours.