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This new environment is the Jabba the Hutt´s Throne Room Playset, authentically designed in realistic Kenner "vintage" style to enhance your Kenner Star Wars collection. High quality  construction attending all details. This playset/ environment  is designed  to allow you to display your 3 3/4 scale Star Wars Action Figures. 
Action figures and accessories not included.

Jabba the Hutt´s Throne Room Playset Environment

  • “If I told you half the things I¨ve Heard about this Jabba the Hutt,  you´d probably short-circuit”


    Tired of playing just  in a table when you were a child? Did you ever felt your Jabba The Hutt rightfully deserved its own playset to rule its power? Or do you want a High Quality place to display your Action Figures? This Playset / Environment diorama is your chance. 


    * Designed, Professionally sculpted and Hand Crafted  in the classic "vintage" Kenner Style.


    * Contains 1 solid platform piece where your vintage Jabba´s Platform fits perfectly, plus the rear wall backdrop and decal applied of the Rancor cave.



    * Constructed in high quality MDF board, sculpted in polyresin and plastified surface to resemble real vintage Kenner playsets


    * Available November 28 2016, don’t miss yours.


    * This is a high Quality heavy item, once you place your order we will work with you about details and shipping fees.