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   Now you can enhance your Vintage Kenner Star Wars collection with the action figures you could only dream about...

Order now your Loose HAN SOLO IN STORMTROOPER DISGUISE and improve your collection!


Authentically designed with realistic Star Wars vintage features, 

Professional quality, factory injected and packed in a high quality cardback and bubble.

HAN SOLO (Imperial Stormtrooper Outfit) - LOOSE

  • The Empire will not tire until they see the last of the Rebellion. 


    The bold hero ready to risk his own neck, in order to get the right reward, for rescuing Princess Leia, masterfully sculpted in the  "vintage" style to enhance your Kenner Star Wars collection.


    *  With Movable Head,  Arms and Legs


    * Removable Helmet.


    * Created exactly as the one presented  in the WHAT IF SERIES.


    * 3 3/4 Scale, You can display it with the Original Kenner Action Figures, it matchs perfectly.


    * Limited Edition,  produced by STAN SOLO CREATIONS 


    * This is a customizing project made for Fans by Fans and for a limited time only, Once it is gone, is gone!!! 


    * Available January 25, 2020, don’t miss yours.