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The perfect case to store your REBEL TROOPER 4 - PACK,  and show it to your collectors friends as the exclusive and limited piece that is and preserve it for the future.
Made of fine Seyke wood, delicate lacquered finish, with the image of the main face of the 4PACK embossed and lacquered in chrome, the perfect addition to your collection to bring it to the collectible level that corresponds to it.


  • THE VINTAGE STUDIO Custom action figure 4 packs are limited exclusive editions. No more than 125  packs will be released, being even more exclusive than any Convention exclusive action figure. So it is a good idea to preserve them for the future, as the collectibles they are, in the proper DeLuxe Commemorative Box and designed with that purpose.


    A decision you will not regret in the future.


    * Hand made of fine tropical wood, with high quality lacquer finish.

    * The perfect complement to your 4-pack army builder.

    * An elegant trophy to decorate your mancave, or to take even to your office.

    * Designed to hold a Vintage Studio´s custom action figures 4 pack to enhance your experience with our custom action figures.

    * Action figures not included.

    * You can order the Deluxe Collectors box and the 4 pack separatelly.

    * This is a high quality real wood  product with Matt lacquered finish.

    * Measures: 18 cm long  x  14 cm wide  x  5.5 cm deep